Our Solution

Enterprise Software and mobile application with the purpose of connecting workers with their company as a community within remote accommodation mining villages. Through technology, provide the opportunity for better engagement between workers and their company.

This white label product enhances the village experience and provides clearer, faster and more up to date information to each worker whilst streamlining and reducing administration efforts for the organisation.

Camp Connect aims to solve, through better use of technology, several issues presently being experienced by industry; communication breakdown, village emergency preparedness, isolation, employee disconnect, employee well being, worker on boarding and attrition.

The Mobile App is designed for cross platform use IOS (including the new version 13 and Android) and is of a white label concept open to individual client branding.

A multi-level web platform portal that allows users to hold different securities in updating content, sending out site news and updates and with 24/7 support for any issues, and software updates, while hosted on a Australian ISO27001 certified data centre AWS.

Built for the mining industry
Designed and created by people in the mining industry, for the industry
Developed locally in Western Australia


Low cost, simple to use, built for the FIFO and remote climate.
Increase employee engagement and reduce social isolation.
Streamline the on-boarding process with critical information.
Promote internal opportunities, news, events and engagement from non-desk employees.
Improvement in mental and physical health and well-being.
Effective promotion of social, sports events and internal initiatives.
Customisable links to key business functions, induction & surveys.
Streamline current systems and automated functionality.
SMS functionality to ensure a message is received.
ERT and emergency remote assistance.
Improved attrition of workers due to information sharing and community engagement.
Improve health, safety and environmental compliance.
Education on local culture and country.
Users switch between sites based on access.
Live communication suited to the workforce.
Offline workings and GPS enabled functionality.


Live communication suited to the workforce.
Offline workings and GPS enabled functionality.
Connects with other systems.
Exportable analytics graphs and dashboards.
Ensures high security standards and data encryption.
Simple to use, Multi- level functionality.
Users switch between sites based on access.
Automatic access time outs for short term workers.
Works with WIFI and data with offline functionality with SMS.
Mapping set up based on company data.
Simple to use with 24/7 support.
Streamlines data for a one shop.
External Server data Amazon Web Services ISO27001 certified data centre.


Built by industry for the industry, with functionality as unique as the people, environment and climate. Our solution is suitable for the following industries.

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Remote Operations


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